Message from human resources

Our "Dream" is to become the number one company that has shines brightly in spite of being a small company.
The products manufactured with our free, vast and infinite ideas connect things to things, and protect the lives of people helping them lead a healthy and affluent life.
We believe that if we think and act toward such happy future, one day, our dream will come true.
We will continue to take up challenges to make dreams come true by keeping the curiosity and imaginativeness alive.

Life will never come again, and whether it is fun or boring, is all up to you.
Thinking together, endeavoring together and growing together.... All you need is the motivation to do.
(reflect every day and every day is good)

We look forward to "your" challenge that will help the world.

Requirements for recruitment

Qualification requirements Hiring of new graduates
otential high school and University graduates (are also recruited)

Experienced personnel
Machine operator (with machining center experience)
Workplace Fuji Meditech Center
Documents to be submitted Curriculum vitae and health certificate
Recruitment method Submission of report (your dreams & goals) & interview
※Please download the report form from the button below
Selection criteria More than educational background and grades, the basis for the recruitment method is whether you have "dreams", "motivation" and "energy", and whether you want engage in "manufacturing", or love “nature”.
Work is considered to be the best way to live life happily. Boldly challenge your own potential. The essential idea is to have a close look at the company which will be a place that will play an active role in your life, and take up a job based on complete mutual understanding.
Submission procedure Please call the general affairs department, head office after preparing the required documents

Report Download

Document submission and inquiry

9-11-12 Futabacho, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan 410-0005
General Affairs Department, Head Office, Tokai Buhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.