Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

To spread joy and happiness to people and society through our work, improve our lives and become a prosperous company.

Basic management approach

  1. All employees will uphold their promises and decisions to abide by the law, for mutual existence and prosperity, and to contribute towards society
  2. We will enjoy work giving top priority to quality, and offer the best quality to gain the trust of our customers.
  3. We will uphold the fundamentals of corporate management and cultivate a strong corporate culture.
  4. We will promote communication within the company, take care of employees and realize our “dreams”.

Quality policy

Based on the relevant laws and standards, all employees shall engage in work to gain the trust of customers by giving top priority to quality.

Quality mission statement

  1. Trust
    We will understand the requirements of our customers through discussions, and provide safe and secure high-quality products on time.
  2. Efficiency
    We will engage in activities to reduce cost through innovation and improvement for supplying products at an appropriate price.
  3. Information
    We will provide information which is essential for customers in a timely manner and shall protect confidentiality.
  4. Risk
    We will work to avoid potential risks from changing business environments to ensure business continuity.
  5. Review
    We will review the business by utilizing management systems, customer information and process information, etc.

Environmental Policy

We recognize that the preservation of the global environment is an important issue for all mankind, aim for harmony and coexistence with nature to contribute to society through our business activities based on the spirit of inquiry.

Environment mission statement

  1. We will strive for continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.
  2. We will comply with legal and other requirements.

By following the actions mentioned above, we will continue to protect our irreplaceable earth and lush greenery for the future.

  • ISO14001

  • ISO9001

  • ISO13485


The “Dream” of Tokai Buhin Kogyo is to become the number one company that has shines brightly in spite of being a small company.
To create a company that has “free ideas” and “inherent technology” without being engulfed by a flood of information and trends.
At present, many companies seek cooperation, and robots are the key players in the production line.
However, only “ordinary products” can be produced with “Kintaro candy” irrespective of where it is sliced.
We recognize the individuality of each employee, and they work comfortably in an environment where they can demonstrate their strengths.
Only by adding voluntary “imaginativeness” and flexible and abundant “sensitivities”, can we create products that are recognized by and bring satisfaction to our customers.
Our “dreams” will eternally progress if we continue to have “free thinking” as the starting point for achieving “dreams” that are born from ” imaginativeness and abundant sensitivities” having “brightness, fun and energy” and also “excitement, fascination, dream and inspiration”.
We aim to create a company that can contribute to the 21st century society by thinking, acting boldly and challenging ourselves towards our “dream”.
This is Tokai Buhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.