Micro components

Micro components

In the vast and bountiful nature of Izu,
we use advanced machining technology to manufacture
extremely small micro-screws and micro parts.

Quality Management System ISO9001
Environmental Management System ISO14001



For the full-scale production of micro-screws and micro parts, the Amagi factory was established in 1999 on a large site of approximately 30,000 m2 in Funabara, Izu City, where nature is abundant.
Machining the materials used for the manufacturing of ultra-small micro-screws with diameters between 0.8 mm and 2 mm is quite difficult since the materials are particularly harder than the usual screw materials, and it took us several years of trial and error to establish the advanced machining technology. We produce around 1,000 types of screws and parts used in hard disks, smart phones, models, connections for electrical equipment, inspection equipment, etc., and can proudly say that we have a big share of the market in a variety of fields.
Also, we are aiming for zero outflow defects with the image sorters etc. developed by our company.

Product Information

We handle ultra-fine sizes such as stepped shapes, mid flanges, aperture products, hollow rivets, grooved rivets, various knurls, profiles, studs, electrical contacts., and materials such as iron, copper, brass, aluminum and silver, etc.

Production capacity

Size M0.8 to M3
Material Iron, stainless steel, high strength stainless steel, titanium alloys, brass and aluminum, etc.
Surface treatment Various types of platings, coatings, anti-loosening bonds and paintings, etc.
Micro screw types Coarse, fine, double, tapping screw type A, type B, taptite etc.

You can contact us for prototypes, specialty products and product requirement in small quantities

Manufacturing Process

  • 1

    Cold Forging

    Forging is carried out with deformation processing by continuously applying force to coiled wires.

  • 2


    Cleaning is performed with a fully automatic cleaning machine that is environmentally friendly and has a good cleaning performance.

  • 3


    The products are rolled between rolling molds to create screw threads.

  • 4

    Electrolytic Polishing

    Dissolves dirt and oxides on the surface, and applies a solid coat to improve smoothness and corrosion resistance.

  • 5

    Barrel Polishing

    By rubbing the workpiece on the grinding stone, the workpiece deburred and given a smooth finish.

  • 6

    Sorting Inspection

    Quality inspection of the products is carried out through an image sorter or visually.

  • 7


    The products are managed and stored by packing them in boxes.

Plant equipment

Amagi Factory

Header Machine

Rolling Machine

Fully Automatic Cleaning Machine

Automatic Image Sorter