Automobile components

Automobile components

We manufacture automotive components and products
by utilizing the advanced technology and wisdom
that we have cultivated in manufacturing bolts
over many years.

Quality Management System ISO9001
Environmental Management System ISO14001

Bolts for automobiles

Bolts for automobiles

At the head office and factory in Futabacho, Numazu City, which started operations in 2008, we established traceability management through the production system, and a thorough quality assurance system using fluorescence X-ray analyzers, image inspection devices, automatic sorters, etc., along with introducing the latest equipment and promoting research and development for new technologies.
Utilizing the bolt manufacturing technology and wisdom cultivated over many years as a manufacturer and distributor of screw parts, we consistently select the materials, manufacture, process, inspect and package approximately 2,000 types of products such as automotive bolts and cold forged precision products used in the drive shafts, brakes, hybrids, electrics and seats of automobiles and motorcycles.

Product Information

Production capacity

Size M5 to M14
Material Iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium alloy and others
Surface treatment Zinc plating, tin plating, copper plating, nickel plating, zinc-nickel alloy plating, silver plating and heat treatment

You can contact us for prototypes, specialty products and product requirement in small quantities

Manufacturing Process

  • 1

    Cold and hot forging

    Forging is carried out with deformation processing by continuously applying force to coiled wires.

  • 2


    The heads of the screws are punched into a hexagon or square shape.

  • 3


    The products are rolled between rolling molds to create screw threads.

  • 4


    Processes such as grooving and drilling are carried out.

  • 5

    Heat treatment & surface treatment

    Antioxidation, durability and wear resistance of the products are enhanced.

  • 6


    Quality inspection of the products is carried out through an image sorter or visually.

  • 7


    The products are managed and stored by packing them in boxes.

Plant equipment

Head office factory

Multistage forging machine

Screw press

Fluorescence X-ray inspection device

Image inspection