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What we really intend to give is High Quality and Sense of Security.
We put the whole energy and effort on Quality Control wishing to provide
our customers with safer and better quality products.
Only one bolt sometimes supports several tons of heavy machines, and
other times the whole performance the machine or human life depending on
just one bolt.
When such products of importance are given to our customers,
they absolutely have to be wrapped with High Quality and Sense of Security.
Skillful staff, the newest equipment and strict inspection making Trinity,
We believe it is the basic of the truct to continue to supply products with
confident and stable quality through routine activities regarding ISO
concerned with Quality Guarantee.

■Basic Philosophy for Quality

First Priority Quality gains the trust of the customers, and
the whole workers contribute to the society.

■Activity Principles for Quality

These 5 are the first step toward the whole control.

1. Keep everything in order.
Know better the necessary and unnecessary things, andremove the unnecessary things.
2. Tidy up and safety.Think of the best placement regarding quality and efficiency.
3. Clean and no refuse.
Make our factory without dirty things.
4. Clean and no refuse.
Keep good conditions without dirty things.
5. Discipline.
Habitual action to keep rules and regulations.

Along with those principles we keep better quality of products.
We are ready to modify them if necessary, according to the maintenance
of appropriate quality of the products.

■Development of ISO Activities

We try to make every worker know the Quality Principles through ISO
Activities in order them to understand and carry them on.

ISO9001:2000/JIS Q 9001:2000
JAVC - QM0231

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Amagi Factory 747-2 Kamifunabara Izu-city Shizuoka-pref. 410-3216 Japan 00-81-558-75-1511 FAX 00-81-558-75-1512
Shuzenji Medical
Research Center
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