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The time has now come seriously to grapple with ecological problems.
We have already rules for electric devices recycle and effective
reusage promotion of resources.
We also consider the duty of enterprises to know the preservation
of the global ecology is a quite important task and to take actions
toward it.
We got acknowledged Ecological Management System ISO 14001 in 2005,
started to take activities toward ecological problems and develop
ecological preservation activities, through the whole process of
materials quality, manufacturing, transportation and disposal.

■Ecological Basic Philosophy

Recognizing that the preservation of global ecology is the common
important task for the human beings and progressing toward the
harmony and co-life with Nature and working for the contribution
to society.

■Ecological Activity Policy

1. Progressive improvement and effort against contamination.
2. Obeying the Law required items and other requirements.

Preserving the earth rich in green through the activities
mentioned above.

■Development of ISO Activities

All the workers understand the ecological policy, through the
process of purchasing and researching good materials, manufacturing,
transportation and disposal, they develop the ecological management
activities according to the ecological basic philosophy and
the ecological activity policy.

ISO14001:2004/JIS Q14001:2004

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