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We have been working on the common principle of the manufacturer,
trying to manufacture "High Quality, Low Cost, Quick Manufacuring"
depending on the High Technology and Production system,
and shipping never behind the date.
"Bonding people and people, companies and companies together"
that is philosophy of our company.

Sending people and society joy and happiness, development of our life,
making our company flourished.

1. Manufacturing is our enjoyment and contribution to the society
  with the highest quality goods.
2. Keeping the management basics and making the strong company.
3. First priority is the quality, getting the trust of the customers,
  and contributing the society with the whole workers.
4. Making the company interactive and keeping the rules and promises.

Our dream is to make a company Only One Enterprise small but brilliant,
making the company with free ideas and proper technology without being
involed in the enormous unnecessary information or transient streams.

These days robots are taking the main role of manufacturing, however,
that makes items or goods quite ordinary and non-personalistic.

We should acknowledge the personality of the workers and develop them
to the full potential. Adding the positive and free attitude,
and flexible and rich sensitivity on it, we believe that we could
manufacture items or goods whick make the customer pleased and satisfied.

So long as the positive and free ideas are alive, we believe that our
dreams are still progressive.

Speculating and challenging actively toward the dreams, and making
our company contribute toward the society in the 21st century.
That is our company.

Main Factory 9-11-12 Futaba-cho Numazu-city Shizuoka-pref. 410-0005 Japan 00-81-55-921-4174 FAX 00-81-55-924-0784
Amagi Factory 747-2 Kamifunabara Izu-city Shizuoka-pref. 410-3216 Japan 00-81-558-75-1511 FAX 00-81-558-75-1512
Shuzenji Medical
Research Center
682-1 Kashiwakubo Izu-city Shizuoka-pref. 410-2407 Japan 00-81-558-73-1355 FAX 00-81-558-73-1356

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